We welcome you to join our organization. Our volunteers can be a substitute working occasionally or be assigned one day a week, whichever suits the individual.  Come by the Thrift Shop during business hours to fill out an application.
Beverly Carroll, President     Phone: 489-8463

December 2013


Jan P. Barker
Rveva Barrett
Naomi Belmore
Julie Brainard
Barbara Brown
Barbara Crossley
Beverly Carroll
Elaine Damiani
Beverly Deakins
Kathy Ann Emery
Skyla Foreman
Barbara Hayes
Andy Heckman
Elaine Huett
Barbara Hulse
Peggy Hydes
Mary James
Arline Keenum
Rosemarie Klueker
Phyllis Knight
Susan LeBrun
Bonnie Lewison
Joann McCullough
Nanette Mikes
Danna Moore
Anna Motovilova
Jan Olson
Marie Ponder

Betty Tilley-Poole
Carol Prior
Jan Salfisberg
Jan Salter
Joyce Sandvoss
Betsy Schaaf
Valerie Schaem
Judy Snyder
Donna Stalter
Nancy Steinbrecher
Marcia Tyndall
Arlene Unetch
Sandy Wass
Donna Webb