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Dunnellon Community Thrift shop contributed $500.00 to the First Assembly Church of God to assist filling their food pantry. They contribute food items throughout the community.   The month of December seems to be when there is a greater need, and the Shop is thankful to be of assistance.
Left to Right:  Kristine Tyre, Volunteer, Pastor Tom Golden, and Mitch Tyre, Volunteer
Photo taken and forwarded by Donna Webb, Volunteer Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop


Volunteers of the Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop contributed $1,000.00 to the Dunnellon Fire and Rescue.  The funds will be used towards their annual Children's Christmas Party.  They plan on hosting approximately 800 children and parents during this event.
Photo taken and submitted by Donna Webb, Volunteer of Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop:
Left to Right:  Lt. Troy Slattery, Dottie Kinnebrew, Volunteer of Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop and Firefighter Matt Pudlo




On November 3, 2015 Ms. Sandy Zak, Coordinator of the St. John’s The Baptist Catholic Church Food Pantry, accepted a check in the amount of $500.00 from the Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop volunteers Betty Poole and Julie Figueiredo.  These funds will be used to help stock the food pantry.  On an average, there are 450 plus families per month who receive assistance from the food pantry.  Ms. Zak indicated the funds were greatly needed, and were very appreciative of the donation. 

Photo by Joann McCullough 

Left to Right:

Sandy Zak, Coordinator St. John’s The Baptist Catholic Church, Betty Poole and Julie Figueiredo volunteers of Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop.

October 2015

November 3rd, Principal Del Smallridge and a few sixth grade students of Dunnellon Middle School accepted a check for $499 from Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop volunteer Betsy Schaaf. These funds will be used to ensure that every child in all three grades will have an opportunity to go on a field trip during the school year. Smallridge indicated this came at a very opportune time as he had just received word an additional bus was going to be required for each class and this expense wasn’t in his budget.


Photo by Joann McCullough


Left to right:

Sixth grade students Avery Braden, Malorie Hagenhoff, William Hagenhoff, and Rebryan Jefferies, Principal Del Smallridge and Betsy Schaaf from the Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop



The volunteers of the Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop presented a $500 check to ladies from the Holy Faith food pantry to be sure their shelves remain stocked for the upcoming holiday season.
Left to right:
Nancy Kerscheaum and Maria Hayward from Holy Faith receiving check from Barbara Hulse and Jan Salter, Thrift Shop volunteers
Photo by Joann McCullough



Carolyn Guenthner, secretary at First United Methodist Church received a $500 donation from the Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop to assure they have ample groceries on hand for the coming holiday season. 

Left to right: Carolyn Guenthner, First United Methodist Church receiving check from Jan Salter and Barbara Hulse, Thrift Shop volunteers.
Photo by Joann McCullough

Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop volunteers presented a $1,000 check to Sue Carpenter, Voices for Children president. Carpenter expressed their appreciation for what she called "a very generous gift" and indicated it will go along way assuring they'll be able to give each of the 1,700 children they are assisting to have at least one Christmas present this year from their Angel Tree program. These children range from infants to eighteen years of age, many moved out of their homes quickly with only the clothes on their backs. 


Thrift Shop volunteers Eileen Toney and Karen Burkard hand $1,000 check to Sue Carpenter, president of Voices for Children.

Photo taken by Joann McCullough


Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop donated a check in the amount of $499.00 to Romeo Elementary School.  The monies are to be used for their "Preventing Summer Slide" Reading Program.  This program allows the children to take backpacks of books home to read during the summer.  Based on the response of the students last year, the program has been a huge success.  I believe the program is utilized by the Kindergarten through Fourth Grades.  
First Row:  First Grade Students of Romeo Elementary School
Second Row:  Mrs. Balius, Principal of Romeo Elementary School and Mrs. Beverly Carroll, Vice President Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop.

Photo taken by Donna Webb

Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop presents a check to Dunnellon Elementary School, in the amount of $499.00.  The monies are to be used for their reading program and was very much appreciated.  The individuals in the photo are as follows:
First Row:  Mrs. Anayansi Hedrick's Kindergarten Class
Second Row:  (Left to Right)  Mrs. Beverly Carroll, Vice President Dunnellon Thrift Shop
                                                  Mrs. Gay Street, Principal Dunnellon Elementary School
                                                  Mrs. Anayansi Hedrick, Kindergarten Teacher
Photo taken by Donna Webb



The Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop recently presented the Boys and Girls Club of Dunnellon with a $1,000 donation.
Pictured, front from left, are: Anita Peloquin, Thrift Shop volunteer, Tiara Howard, Lydsey Brown, David Paulen, Angalea Cannestro and Robert Davis;
second row, Te'Sha Jackson and Bette Nagele, Boy and Girls Club representatives, and Karen Keen and Carmen Fisher from the Community Thrift Shop.



Dunnellon Thrift Shop donates $1.000 to Cooter Hiers health fund. Left to right: Thrift Shop volunteers Arline Keenum, Anita Peloquin, Donna Stalter with Cooter Hiers.



  The Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop volunteers voted at its December meeting to give a helping hand to 22-year old Kelvin Smith, after reading of his need for a heart transplant. New regulations now require $5,000 be available for anti-rejection drugs, which would be a burden for many people. He was contacted a few days later and a very weak Smith could barely comprehend he would receive $2,000 from the all-volunteer organization.  

  The young Dunnellon resident was in Shands Hospital at that moment waiting for a transplant. A week passed before he was contacted again and although barely able to speak, he was able to express how grateful he was to be a recipient of a “new” heart and was recovering from the extensive surgery. He expected to be home in a few days.

  Smith came strolling into the Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop on Saturday with his friend, Richard Morris, surprising the ladies volunteering that day. A quick call to the publicity chairwoman brought the promised check to the shop to be presented.

  Although appearing tired and wearing a paper face mask to avoid infection, Smith was in good spirits. He said he was making a remarkable recovery but did have to return to the hospital again Jan. 11.

  The Thrift Shop volunteers agreed this was one of the most satisfying donations they have made. It was up close and personal, a chance to meet two young Dunnellon residents and more importantly, an opportunity to help Smith gain a new lease on life.

  “It doesn’t get any better than this”, one of the volunteers noted, being able to play a small part in changing this young man’s life. The Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop has been operating in Dunnellon since 1974 and donates all profits to local individuals with medical problems, area schools and other local worthy causes. The shop is located at 20359 East Pennsylvania Avenue next to Regions Bank.

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